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Simple::ObjectHandler(User Contributed Perl DocumentatSimple::ObjectHandler(3)

       RPC::Simple::ObjectHandler - Perl class to handle a remote object

	 use RPC::Simple::ObjectHandler;

       This class is instanciated by RPS::Simple::Server each time a remote
       object is created. All is handled by the	server,	the user need not to
       worry about it.

new (server_ref, object_name, agent_id,	argument_array_ref, req_id)
       Creates a new object controller.	Also creates a new object_name which
       is remotely controlled by the agent referenced by agent_id. If object
       name has	no suffix, new will 'require'

       The new method of the slave object will be passed the argument stored
       in argument_array_ref.

       req_id is used for calling back the agent once the object is created
       (either with success ot not)

       The connection server is	passed with server_ref

   remoteCall( request_id | undef , method_name, arguments )
       Will call the slave object with method method_name and the arguments.

       If request_id is	defined, it means that a call-back is expected.	In
       this case, the argument passed should contains a	sub reference.

       Cancel all pending requests and delete itself.

   delegate(method_name, ... )
       Used to call the	local object with passed method	and arguments.

       Called by the callHandler when a	function performed by the remote
       object is over. $result being the result	of this	function.

	   Current Maintainer
	   Clint Edwards <>

	   Dominique Dumont, <>


perl v5.32.0			  2006-05-31	      Simple::ObjectHandler(3)

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