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Simple::AnyRemote(3)  User Contributed Perl Documentation Simple::AnyRemote(3)

       RPC::Simple::AnyRemote -	Perl base class	for a remote object accessible
       by RPC

	 package myClass ;
	 use vars qw(@ISA @RPC_SUB);
	 use RPC::Simple::AnyRemote;

	 @ISA=('RPC::Simple::AnyRemote') ;
	 @RPC_SUB = qw(localMethod);

       This class must be inherited by the user's class	actually performing
       the remote functions.

       Note that any user defined method which can be called by	the local
       object must be able to handle the following optionnal parameters	:

       'callback' => code_reference

       Usually,	the methods will be like :

	sub remoteMethod
	  my $self = shift ;
	  my $param = shift ;
	  my $callback ;

	  if ($param eq	'callback')
	      #	callback required
	      $callback	= shift

	  # user code

	  # can	call a method from local object
	  $self->localMethod("Hey, remoteMethod	was called !!");

	  # when the user code is over
	  return unless	defined	$callback ;

	  &$callback("Hello local object" ) ;

       controller_ref is the RPC::Simple::ObjectHandler	object actually
       controlling this	instance.

       If you overload 'new', don't forget to call also	the inherited 'new'

       When this method	is called (generally through perl mechanism), the call
       will be forwarded with all parameter to the local object.  Note that if
       the remote method name is not declated in the @RPC_SUB array, AnyLocal
       will try	to autoload this mehtod.

       Note that this method is	not able to handle sub_reference and call back
       mechanism is not	possible fromthis side.

       returns self.

instance variable
       AnyRemote will create the following instance variables:

       RPC::Simple::ObjectHandler object reference

       Store the pwd of	the object during its creation.

	   Current Maintainer
	   Clint Edwards <>

	   Dominique Dumont, <>

       perl(1),	RPC::Simple::AnyLocal(3)

perl v5.32.0			  2006-05-31		  Simple::AnyRemote(3)

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