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RDF::Query::Plan(3)   User Contributed Perl Documentation  RDF::Query::Plan(3)

       RDF::Query::Plan	- Executable query plan	nodes.

       This document describes RDF::Query::Plan	version	2.918.

       "execute	( $execution_context )"
	   Returns all remaining rows.

       "state (	[ $state ] )"
	   Returns the current state of	the plan (either READY,	OPEN, or
	   CLOSED).  If	$state is provided, updates the	plan to	a new state.

	   Returns a string serialization of the query plan appropriate	for
	   display on the command line.

	   Return a serialization of the query plan.

	   Returns the delegate	object if available.

	   Returns a list of variable names that are referenced	by this	plan.

       "as_iterator ( $context )"
	   Returns an RDF::Trine::Iterator object for the current (already
	   executed) plan.

	   Returns true	if the plan represents an update operation.

       "label (	$label => $value )"
	   Sets	the named $label to $value for this plan object.  If no	$value
	   is given, returns the current label value, or undef if none exists.

       "generate_plans ( $algebra, $execution_context, %args )"
	   Returns a list of equivalent	query plan objects for the given
	   algebra object.

	   Returns the string name of this plan	node, suitable for use in

	   Returns a list of scalar identifiers	for the	type of	the content
	   (children) nodes of this plan node. These identifiers are

	    * 'A' - An RDF::Query::Algebra object
	    * 'b' - A boolean integer value (0 or 1)
	    * 'E' - An expression (either an RDF::Query::Expression object or an RDF node)
	    * 'i' - An integer
	    * 'J' - A valid Project node (an RDF::Query::Expression object or an Variable node)
	    * 'N' - An RDF node
	    * 'P' - A RDF::Query::Plan object
	    * 'q' - A RDF::Query object
	    * 'Q' - An RDF::Trine::Statement::Quad object
	    * 's' - A string
	    * 'T' - An RDF::Trine::Statement object
	    * 'u' - A valid URI	string
	    * 'V' - A variable binding set (an object of type RDF::Query::VariableBindings)
	    * 'w' - A bareword string
	    * 'W' - An RDF node	or wildcard ('*')
	    * '*X' - A list of X nodes (where X	is another identifier scalar)
	    * '\X' - An	array reference	of X nodes (where X is another identifier scalar)

	   Returns the data for	this plan node that corresponds	to the values
	   described by	the signature returned by "plan_prototype".

       "subplans_of_type ( $type [, $block] )"
	   Returns a list of Plan objects matching $type (tested with "isa").
	   If $block is	given, then matching stops descending a	subtree	if the
	   current node	is of type $block, continuing matching on other
	   subtrees.  This list	includes the current plan object if it matches
	   $type, and is generated in infix order.

	Gregory	Todd Williams <>

perl v5.32.0			  2017-01-04		   RDF::Query::Plan(3)


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