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Qpsmtpd::Connection(3)User Contributed Perl DocumentatioQpsmtpd::Connection(3)

       Qpsmtpd::Connection - A single SMTP connection

	 my $rdns = $qp->connection->remote_host;
	 my $ip	= $qp->connection->remote_ip;

       This class contains details about an individual SMTP connection.	A
       connection lasts	the lifetime of	a TCP connection to the	SMTP server.

       See also	Qpsmtpd::Transaction which is a	class containing details about
       an individual SMTP transaction. A transaction lasts from	"MAIL FROM" to
       the end of the "DATA" marker, or	a "RSET" command, whichever comes
       first, whereas a	connection lasts until the client disconnects.

       These API docs assume you already have a	connection object. See the
       source code if you need to construct one. You can access	the connection
       object via the "Qpsmtpd"	object's "$qp->connection" method.

   new ( )
       Instantiates a new Qpsmtpd::Connection object.

   start ( %args )
       Initializes the connection object with %args attribute data.

   remote_host(	)
       The remote host connecting to the server	as looked up via reverse dns.

   remote_ip( )
       The remote IP address of	the connecting host.

   remote_port(	)
       The remote port.

   remote_info(	)
       If your server does an ident lookup on the remote host, this is the
       identity	of the remote client.

   local_ip( )
       The local ip.

   local_port( )
       The local port.

   hello( )
       Either "helo" or	"ehlo" depending on how	the remote client greeted your

       NOTE: This field	is empty during	the helo or ehlo hooks,	it is only set
       after a successful return from those hooks.

   hello_host( )
       The host	name specified in the "HELO" or	"EHLO" command.

       NOTE: This field	is empty during	the helo or ehlo hooks,	it is only set
       after a successful return from those hooks.

   notes($key [, $value])
       Get or set a note on the	connection. This is a piece of data that you
       wish to attach to the connection	and read somewhere else. For example
       you can use this	to pass	data between plugins.

       Returns a copy of the Qpsmtpd::Connection object. The optional args
       parameter may contain:

       no_reset	(1|0)
	   If true, do not reset the original connection object, the author
	   has to care about that: only	the cloned connection object is	reset
	   at the end of the connection

   relay_client( )
       True if the client is allowed to	relay messages.

perl v5.32.0			  2013-12-17		Qpsmtpd::Connection(3)


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