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Prima::ScrollBar(3)   User Contributed Perl Documentation  Prima::ScrollBar(3)

       Prima::ScrollBar	- standard scroll bars class

       The class "Prima::ScrollBar" implements both vertical and horizontal
       scrollbars in Prima. This is a purely Perl class	without	any
       C-implemented parts except those	inherited from "Prima::Widget".

	       use Prima::ScrollBar;

	       my $sb =	Prima::ScrollBar-> create( owner => $group, %rest_of_profile);
	       my $sb =	$group-> insert( 'ScrollBar', %rest_of_profile);

	       my $isAutoTrack = $sb-> autoTrack;
	       $sb-> autoTrack(	$yesNo);

	       my $val = $sb-> value;
	       $sb-> value( $value);

	       my $min = $sb-> min;
	       my $max = $sb-> max;
	       $sb-> min( $min);
	       $sb-> max( $max);
	       $sb-> set_bounds( $min, $max);

	       my $step	= $sb->	step;
	       my $pageStep = $sb-> pageStep;
	       $sb-> step( $step);
	       $sb-> pageStep( $pageStep);

	       my $partial = $sb-> partial;
	       my $whole = $sb-> whole;
	       $sb-> partial( $partial);
	       $sb-> whole( $whole);
	       $sb-> set_proportion( $partial, $whole);

	       my $size	= $sb->	minThumbSize;
	       $sb-> minThumbSize( $size);

	       my $isVertical =	$sb-> vertical;
	       $sb-> vertical( $yesNo);

	       my ($width,$height) = $sb-> get_default_size;

       autoTrack BOOLEAN
	   Tells the widget if it should send "Change" notification during
	   mouse tracking events.  Generally it	should only be set to 0	on
	   very	slow computers.

	   Default value is 1 (logical true).

       growMode	INTEGER
	   Default value is gm::GrowHiX, i.e. the scrollbar will try to
	   maintain the	constant distance from its right edge to its owner's
	   right edge as the owner changes its size.  This is useful for
	   horizontal scrollbars.

       height INTEGER
	   Default value is $Prima::ScrollBar::stdMetrics[1], which is an
	   operating system dependent value determined with a call to
	   "Prima::Application-> get_default_scrollbar_metrics".  The height
	   is affected because by default the horizontal "ScrollBar" will be

       max INTEGER
	   Sets	the upper limit	for "value".

	   Default value: 100.

       min INTEGER
	   Sets	the lower limit	for "value".

	   Default value: 0

       minThumbSize INTEGER
	   A minimal thumb breadth in pixels. The thumb	cannot have main
	   dimension lesser than this.

	   Default value: 21

       pageStep	INTEGER
	   This	determines the increment/decrement to "value" during
	   "page"-related operations, for example clicking the mouse on	the
	   strip outside the thumb, or pressing	"PgDn" or "PgUp".

	   Default value: 10

       partial INTEGER
	   This	tells the scrollbar how	many of	imaginary units	the thumb
	   should occupy. See "whole" below.

	   Default value: 10

       selectable BOOLEAN
	   Default value is 0 (logical false).	If set to 1 the	widget
	   receives keyboard focus; when in focus, the thumb is	blinking.

       step INTEGER
	   This	determines the minimal increment/decrement to "value" during
	   mouse/keyboard interaction.

	   Default value is 1.

       style STRING = [	'xp' | 'os2 ]
	   Defines the scrollbar drawing style,	that was historically
	   different on	windows	and the	other platforms. It is possible	to
	   define own styles.

       value INTEGER
	   A basic scrollbar property; reflects	the imaginary position between
	   "min" and "max", which corresponds directly to the position of the

	   Default value is 0.

       vertical	BOOLEAN
	   Determines the main scrollbar style.	 Set this to 1 when the
	   scrollbar style is vertical,	0 - horizontal.	The property can be
	   changed at run-time,	so the scrollbars can morph from horizontal to
	   vertical and	vice versa.

	   Default value is 0 (logical false).

       whole INTEGER
	   This	tells the scrollbar how	many of	imaginary units	correspond to
	   the whole length of the scrollbar.  This value has nothing in
	   common with "min" and "max".	 You may think of the combination of
	   "partial" and "whole" as of the proportion between the visible size
	   of something	(document, for example)	and the	whole size of that
	   "something".	 Useful	to struggle against infamous "bird" size of
	   Windows scrollbar thumbs.

	   Default value is 100.

	   Returns two integers, the default platform dependant	width of a
	   vertical scrollbar and height of a horizontal scrollbar.

	   The "Change"	notification is	sent whenever the thumb	position of
	   scrollbar is	changed, subject to a certain limitations when
	   "autoTrack" is 0. The notification conforms the general Prima rule:
	   it is sent when appropriate,	regardless to whether this was a
	   result of user interaction, or a side effect	of some	method
	   programmer has called.

	   If "autoTrack" is 0,	called when the	user changes the thumb
	   position by the mouse instead of "Change".

	       use Prima;
	       use Prima::Application name => 'ScrollBar test';
	       use Prima::ScrollBar;

	       my $w = Prima::Window-> create(
		       text => 'ScrollBar test',
		       size => [300,200]);

	       my $sb =	$w-> insert( ScrollBar =>
		       width =>	280,
		       left => 10,
		       bottom => 50,
		       onChange	=> sub {
			       $w-> text( $_[0]-> value);

	       run Prima;

       Prima, Prima::Widget, Prima::IntUtils, examples/,

       Dmitry Karasik <>, Anton Berezin <>	-

perl v5.24.1			  2017-05-15		   Prima::ScrollBar(3)


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