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Prima::PS::Printer(3) User Contributed Perl DocumentationPrima::PS::Printer(3)

       Prima::PS::Printer - PostScript interface to Prima::Printer

       use Prima; use Prima::PS::Printer;

       Realizes	the Prima printer interface to PostScript level	2 document
       language	through	Prima::PS::Drawable module. Allows different user
       profiles	to be created and managed with GUI setup dialog. The module is
       designed	to be compliant	with Prima::Printer interface.

       Also contains convenience classes (File,	LPR, Pipe) for non-GUI use.

	       use Prima::PS::Printer;

	       my $x;
	       if ( $preview) {
		       $x = Prima::PS::Pipe-> create( command => 'gv -');
	       } elsif ( $print_in_file) {
		       $x = Prima::PS::File-> create( file => '');
	       } else {
		       $x = Prima::PS::LPR-> create( args => '-d colorprinter');
	       $x-> begin_doc;
	       $x-> font-> size( 300);
	       $x-> text_out( "hello!",	100, 100);
	       $x-> end_doc;

Printer	options
       Below is	the list of options supported by "options" method:

       Color STRING
	   One of : "Color, Monochrome"

       Resolution INTEGER
	   Dots	per inch.

       PageSize	STRING
	   One of: "Ainteger, Binteger,	Executive, Folio, Ledger, Legal,
	   Letter, Tabloid, US Common #10 Envelope".

       Copies INTEGER
       Scaling FLOAT
	   1 is	100%, 1.5 is 150%, etc.

	   One of : "Portrait",	"Landscape".

       UseDeviceFonts BOOLEAN
	   If 1, use limited set of device fonts in addition to	exported
	   bitmap fonts.

       UseDeviceFontsOnly BOOLEAN
	   If 1, use limited set of device fonts instead of exported bitmap
	   fonts.  Its usage may lead to that some document fonts will be

       MediaType STRING
	   An arbitrary	string representing special attributes of the medium
	   other than its size,	color, and weight. This	parameter can be used
	   to identify special media such as envelopes,	letterheads, or
	   preprinted forms.

       MediaColor STRING
	   A string identifying	the color of the medium.

       MediaWeight FLOAT
	   The weight of the medium in grams per square	meter. "Basis weight"
	   or or null "ream weight" in pounds can be converted to grams	per
	   square meter	by multiplying by 3.76;	for example, 10-pound paper is
	   approximately 37.6 grams per	square meter.

       MediaClass STRING
	   (Level 3) An	arbitrary string representing attributes of the	medium
	   that	may require special action by the output device, such as the
	   selection of	a color	rendering dictionary. Devices should use the
	   value of this parameter to trigger such media-related actions,
	   reserving the MediaType parameter (above) for generic attributes
	   requiring no	device-specific	action.	 The MediaClass	entry in the
	   output device dictionary defines the	allowable values for this
	   parameter on	a given	device;	attempting to set it to	an unsupported
	   value will cause a configuration error.

       InsertSheet BOOLEAN
	   (Level 3) A flag specifying whether to insert a sheet of some
	   special medium directly into	the output document. Media coming from
	   a source for	which this attribute is	Yes are	sent directly to the
	   output bin without passing through the device's usual imaging
	   mechanism (such as the fuser	assembly on a laser printer).
	   Consequently, nothing painted on the	current	page is	actually
	   imaged on the inserted medium.

       LeadingEdge BOOLEAN
	   (Level 3) A value specifying	the edge of the	input medium that will
	   enter the printing engine or	imager first and across	which data
	   will	be imaged.  Values reflect positions relative to a canonical
	   page	in portrait orientation	(width smaller than height). When
	   duplex printing is enabled, the canonical page orientation refers
	   only	to the front (recto) side of the medium.

       ManualFeed BOOLEAN
	   Flag	indicating whether the input medium is to be fed manually by a
	   human operator (Yes)	or automatically (No). A Yes value asserts
	   that	the human operator will	manually feed media conforming to the
	   specified attributes	( MediaColor, MediaWeight, MediaType,
	   MediaClass, and InsertSheet). Thus, those attributes	are not	used
	   to select from available media sources in the normal	way, although
	   their values	may be presented to the	human operator as an aid in
	   selecting the correct medium. On devices that offer more than one
	   manual feeding mechanism, the attributes may	select among them.

       TraySwitch BOOLEAN
	   (Level 3)  A	flag specifying	whether	the output device supports
	   automatic switching of media	sources. When the originally selected
	   source runs out of medium, some devices with	multiple media sources
	   can switch automatically, without human intervention, to an
	   alternate source with the same attributes (such as PageSize and
	   MediaColor) as the original.

       MediaPosition STRING
	   (Level 3) The position number of the	media source to	be used.  This
	   parameter does not override the normal media	selection process
	   described in	the text, but if specified it will be honored -
	   provided it can satisfy the input media request in a	manner
	   consistent with normal media	selection - even if the	media source
	   it specifies	is not the best	available match	for the	requested

       DeferredMediaSelection BOOLEAN
	   (Level 3) A flag determining	when to	perform	media selection.  If
	   Yes,	media will be selected by an independent printing subsystem
	   associated with the output device itself.

       MatchAll	BOOLEAN
	   A flag specifying whether input media request should	match to all
	   non-null values - MediaColor, MediaWeight etc.

       Dmitry Karasik, <>.

       Prima, Prima::Printer, Prima::Drawable,

perl v5.24.1			  2017-02-27		 Prima::PS::Printer(3)


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