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Prima::ComboBox(3)    User Contributed Perl Documentation   Prima::ComboBox(3)

       Prima::ComboBox - standard combo	box widget

	       use Prima::ComboBox;

	       my $combo = Prima::ComboBox-> create( style => cs::DropDown, items => [ 1 .. 10 ]);
	       $combo->	style( cs::DropDownList	);
	       print $combo-> text;

       Provides	a combo	box widget which consists of an	input line, list box
       of possible selections and eventual drop-down button. The combo box can
       be either in form with a	drop-down selection list, that is shown	by the
       command of the user, or in form when the	selection list is always

       The combo box is	a grouping widget, and contains	neither	painting nor
       user-input code.	All such functionality is delegated into the children
       widgets:	input line, list box and button. "Prima::ComboBox" exports a
       fixed list of methods and properties from namespaces of
       Prima::InputLine	and Prima::ListBox. Since, however, it is possible to
       tweak the "Prima::ComboBox" ( using its editClass and listClass create-
       only properties ) so the	input line and list box	would be other
       classes,	it is not necessarily that all default functionality would
       work.  The list of exported names is stored in package variables
       %listProps, %editProps and %listDynas. These also described in
       "Exported names"	section.

       The module defines "cs::" package for the constants used	by style

       autoHeight BOOLEAN
	   If 1, adjusts the height of the widget automatically	when its font
	   changes.  Only when style is	not "cs::Simple".

	   Default value: 1

       buttonClass STRING
	   Assigns a drop-down button class.

	   Create-only property.

	   Default value: "Prima::Widget"

       buttonDelegations ARRAY
	   Assigns a drop-down button list of delegated	notifications.

	   Create-only property.

       buttonProfile HASH
	   Assigns hash	of properties, passed to the drop-down button during
	   the creation.

	   Create-only property.

       caseSensitive BOOLEAN
	   Selects whether the user input is case-sensitive or not, when a
	   value is picked from	the selection list.

	   Default value: 0

       editClass STRING
	   Assigns an input line class.

	   Create-only property.

	   Default value: "Prima::InputLine"

       editProfile HASH
	   Assigns hash	of properties, passed to the input line	during the

	   Create-only property.

       editDelegations ARRAY
	   Assigns an input line list of delegated notifications.

	   Create-only property.

       editHeight INTEGER
	   Selects height of an	input line.

       items ARRAY
	   Mapped onto the list	widget's "items" property. See Prima::Lists
	   for details.

       listClass STRING
	   Assigns a listbox class.

	   Create-only property.

	   Default value: "Prima::ListBox"

       listHeight INTEGER
	   Selects height of the listbox widget.

	   Default value: 100

       listVisible BOOLEAN
	   Sets	whether	the listbox is visible or not. Not writable when style
	   is "cs::Simple".

       listProfile HASH
	   Assigns hash	of properties, passed to the listbox during the

	   Create-only property.

       listDelegations ARRAY
	   Assigns a selection listbox list of delegated notifications.

	   Create-only property.

       literal BOOLEAN
	   Selects whether the combo box user input routine assume that	the
	   listbox contains literal strings, that can be fetched via
	   "get_item_text" ( see Prima::Lists ). As an example when this
	   property is set to 0	is "Prima::ColorComboBox" from Prima::ComboBox

	   Default value: 1

       style INTEGER
	   Selected one	of three styles:

	       The listbox is always visible, and the drop-down	button is not.

	       The listbox is not visible, but the drop-down button is.	When
	       the use presses the drop-down button, the listbox is shown;
	       when the	list-box is defocused, it gets hidden.

	       Same as "cs::DropDown", but the user is restricted in the
	       selection: the input line can only accept user input that is
	       contained in listbox.  If literal set to	1, the auto completion
	       feature is provided.

       text STRING
	   Mapped onto the edit	widget's "text"	property.

	   Triggered with ComboBox value is changed.

       List events
	   ComboBox forwards "SelectItem" and "DrawItem" events	from the list
	   box,	and these are executed in the List's context (therefore	$self
	   there is not	ComboBox, but the ComboBox->List). If you use
	   "SelectItem"	you probably need "Change" instead.

	   See more in Prima::Lists.

   Exported names
		   alignment	  autoScroll  text	   text
		   charOffset	  maxLen      insertMode   firstChar
		   selection	  selStart    selEnd	   writeOnly
		   copy		  cut	      delete	   paste
		   wordDelimiters readOnly    passwordChar focus

				  focusedItem	 hScroll
		   integralHeight items		 itemHeight
		   topItem	  vScroll	 gridColor
		   multiColumn	  offset


       Dmitry Karasik, <>.

       Prima, Prima::InputLine,	Prima::Lists, Prima::ColorDialog,
       Prima::FileDialog, examples/

perl v5.24.1			  2017-02-28		    Prima::ComboBox(3)


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