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Pod::Readme::Plugin::cUsereContributed Perl DocPod::Readme::Plugin::changes(3)

       Pod::Readme::Plugin::changes - Include latest Changes in	README

	 =for readme plugin changes

       This is a plugin	for Pod::Readme	that includes the latest release of a
       Changes file that conforms to the CPAN::Changes::Spec.

       Defaults	can be overridden with optional	arguments.

       Note that changing arguments may	change later calls to this plugin.

	 =for readme plugin changes file='Changes'

       If the Changes file has a non-standard name or location in the
       distribution, you can specify an	alternative name.  But note that it
       must conform the	the CPAN::Changes::Spec.

	 =for readme plugin changes heading-level=1

       This changes the	heading	level. (The default is 1.)

	 =for readme plugin changes title='RECENT CHANGES'

       This option allows you to change	the title of the heading.

	 =for readme plugin changes verbatim

       If you prefer, you can display a	verbatim section of the	Changes	file.

       By default, the Changes file will be parsed and reformatted as POD
       (equivalent to the "no-verbatim"	option).

perl v5.32.0			  2018-10-31   Pod::Readme::Plugin::changes(3)


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