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Perl::Metrics::Lite::FUseriContributed Perl Perl::Metrics::Lite::FileFinder(3)

       Perl::Metrics::Lite::FileFinder - find perl files in paths

   find_files( @directories_and_files )
       Uses list_perl_files to find all	the readable Perl files	and returns a
       reference to a (possibly	empty) list of paths.

       Takes a list of one or more paths and returns an	alphabetically sorted
       list of only the	perl files.  Uses is_perl_file so may throw an
       exception if a file is unreadable.

       Takes a path to a file and returns true if the file appears to be a
       Perl file, otherwise returns false.

       If the file name	does not match any of
       @Perl::Metrics::Lite::PERL_FILE_SUFFIXES	then the file is opened	for
       reading and the first line examined for a a Perl	'shebang' line.	An
       exception is thrown if the file cannot be opened	in this	case.

perl v5.32.1			  2012-03-03Perl::Metrics::Lite::FileFinder(3)


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