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       Paws::SimpleWorkflow::PollForDecisionTask - Arguments for method
       PollForDecisionTask on Paws::SimpleWorkflow

       This class represents the parameters used for calling the method
       PollForDecisionTask on the Amazon Simple	Workflow Service service. Use
       the attributes of this class as arguments to method

       You shouln't make instances of this class. Each attribute should	be
       used as a named argument	in the call to PollForDecisionTask.

       As an example:

	 $service_obj->PollForDecisionTask(Att1	=> $value1, Att2 => $value2, ...);

       Values for attributes that are native types (Int, String, Float,	etc)
       can passed as-is	(scalar	values). Values	for complex Types (objects)
       can be passed as	a HashRef. The keys and	values of the hashref will be
       used to instance	the underlying object.

   REQUIRED domain => Str
       The name	of the domain containing the task lists	to poll.

   identity => Str
       Identity	of the decider making the request, which is recorded in	the
       DecisionTaskStarted event in the	workflow history. This enables
       diagnostic tracing when problems	arise. The form	of this	identity is
       user defined.

   maximumPageSize => Int
       The maximum number of results that will be returned per call.
       "nextPageToken" can be used to obtain futher pages of results. The
       default is 1000,	which is the maximum allowed page size.	You can,
       however,	specify	a page size smaller than the maximum.

       This is an upper	limit only; the	actual number of results returned per
       call may	be fewer than the specified maximum.

   nextPageToken => Str
       If a "NextPageToken" was	returned by a previous call, there are more
       results available. To retrieve the next page of results,	make the call
       again using the returned	token in "nextPageToken". Keep all other
       arguments unchanged.

       The configured "maximumPageSize"	determines how many results can	be
       returned	in a single call.

       The "nextPageToken" returned by this action cannot be used with
       GetWorkflowExecutionHistory to get the next page. You must call
       PollForDecisionTask again (with the "nextPageToken") to retrieve	the
       next page of history records. Calling PollForDecisionTask with a
       "nextPageToken" will not	return a new decision task..

   reverseOrder	=> Bool
       When set	to "true", returns the events in reverse order.	By default the
       results are returned in ascending order of the "eventTimestamp" of the

   REQUIRED taskList =>	Paws::SimpleWorkflow::TaskList
       Specifies the task list to poll for decision tasks.

       The specified string must not start or end with whitespace. It must not
       contain a ":" (colon), "/" (slash), "|" (vertical bar), or any control
       characters (\u0000-\u001f | \u007f - \u009f). Also, it must not contain
       the literal string quotarnquot.

       This class forms	part of	Paws, documenting arguments for	method
       PollForDecisionTask in Paws::SimpleWorkflow

       The source code is located here:

       Please report bugs to:

perl v5.24.1			  Paws::SimpleWorkflow::PollForDecisionTask(3)


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