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Paws::ECS::RunTask(3) User Contributed Perl DocumentationPaws::ECS::RunTask(3)

       Paws::ECS::RunTask - Arguments for method RunTask on Paws::ECS

       This class represents the parameters used for calling the method
       RunTask on the Amazon EC2 Container Service service. Use	the attributes
       of this class as	arguments to method RunTask.

       You shouln't make instances of this class. Each attribute should	be
       used as a named argument	in the call to RunTask.

       As an example:

	 $service_obj->RunTask(Att1 => $value1,	Att2 =>	$value2, ...);

       Values for attributes that are native types (Int, String, Float,	etc)
       can passed as-is	(scalar	values). Values	for complex Types (objects)
       can be passed as	a HashRef. The keys and	values of the hashref will be
       used to instance	the underlying object.

   cluster => Str
       The short name or full Amazon Resource Name (ARN) of the	cluster	that
       you want	to run your task on. If	you do not specify a cluster, the
       default cluster is assumed..

   count => Int
       The number of instantiations of the specified task that you would like
       to place	on your	cluster.

       The "count" parameter is	limited	to 10 tasks per	call.

   overrides =>	Paws::ECS::TaskOverride
       A list of container overrides in	JSON format that specify the name of a
       container in the	specified task definition and the overrides it should
       receive.	You can	override the default command for a container (that is
       specified in the	task definition	or Docker image) with a	"command"
       override. You can also override existing	environment variables (that
       are specified in	the task definition or Docker image) on	a container or
       add new environment variables to	it with	an "environment" override.

       A total of 8192 characters are allowed for overrides. This limit
       includes	the JSON formatting characters of the override structure.

   startedBy =>	Str
       An optional tag specified when a	task is	started. For example if	you
       automatically trigger a task to run a batch process job,	you could
       apply a unique identifier for that job to your task with	the
       "startedBy" parameter. You can then identify which tasks	belong to that
       job by filtering	the results of a ListTasks call	with the "startedBy"

       If a task is started by an Amazon ECS service, then the "startedBy"
       parameter contains the deployment ID of the service that	starts it.

   REQUIRED taskDefinition => Str
       The "family" and	"revision" ("family:revision") or full Amazon Resource
       Name (ARN) of the task definition that you want to run. If a "revision"
       is not specified, the latest "ACTIVE" revision is used.

       This class forms	part of	Paws, documenting arguments for	method RunTask
       in Paws::ECS

       The source code is located here:

       Please report bugs to:

perl v5.24.1			  2015-08-06		 Paws::ECS::RunTask(3)


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