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       Paws::EC2::DescribeClassicLinkInstances - Arguments for method
       DescribeClassicLinkInstances on Paws::EC2

       This class represents the parameters used for calling the method
       DescribeClassicLinkInstances on the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud
       service.	Use the	attributes of this class as arguments to method

       You shouln't make instances of this class. Each attribute should	be
       used as a named argument	in the call to DescribeClassicLinkInstances.

       As an example:

	 $service_obj->DescribeClassicLinkInstances(Att1 => $value1, Att2 => $value2, ...);

       Values for attributes that are native types (Int, String, Float,	etc)
       can passed as-is	(scalar	values). Values	for complex Types (objects)
       can be passed as	a HashRef. The keys and	values of the hashref will be
       used to instance	the underlying object.

   DryRun => Bool
       Checks whether you have the required permissions	for the	action,
       without actually	making the request, and	provides an error response. If
       you have	the required permissions, the error response is
       "DryRunOperation". Otherwise, it	is "UnauthorizedOperation".

   Filters => ArrayRef[Paws::EC2::Filter]
       One or more filters.

       o   "group-id" -	The ID of a VPC	security group that's associated with
	   the instance.

       o   "instance-id" - The ID of the instance.

       o   "tag":key=value - The key/value combination of a tag	assigned to
	   the resource.

       o   "tag-key" - The key of a tag	assigned to the	resource. This filter
	   is independent of the "tag-value" filter. For example, if you use
	   both	the filter "tag-key=Purpose" and the filter "tag-value=X", you
	   get any resources assigned both the tag key Purpose (regardless of
	   what	the tag's value	is), and the tag value X (regardless of	what
	   the tag's key is). If you want to list only resources where Purpose
	   is X, see the "tag":key=value filter.

       o   "tag-value" - The value of a	tag assigned to	the resource. This
	   filter is independent of the	"tag-key" filter.

       o   "vpc-id" - The ID of	the VPC	that the instance is linked to.

   InstanceIds => ArrayRef[Str]
       One or more instance IDs. Must be instances linked to a VPC through

   MaxResults => Int
       The maximum number of results to	return for the request in a single
       page. The remaining results of the initial request can be seen by
       sending another request with the	returned "NextToken" value. This value
       can be between 5	and 1000; if "MaxResults" is given a value larger than
       1000, only 1000 results are returned. You cannot	specify	this parameter
       and the instance	IDs parameter in the same request.

       Constraint: If the value	is greater than	1000, we return	only 1000

   NextToken =>	Str
       The token to retrieve the next page of results.

       This class forms	part of	Paws, documenting arguments for	method
       DescribeClassicLinkInstances in Paws::EC2

       The source code is located here:

       Please report bugs to:

perl v5.24.1			  20Paws::EC2::DescribeClassicLinkInstances(3)


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