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Parse::CPAN::Packages:UsertContributed Perl DocuParse::CPAN::Packages::Fast(3)

       Parse::CPAN::Packages::Fast - parse CPAN's package index

	   use Parse::CPAN::Packages::Fast;

	   my $p = Parse::CPAN::Packages::Fast->new("/path/to/02packages.details.txt.gz");
	   ## Or alternatively,	if is configured
	   #my $p = Parse::CPAN::Packages::Fast->new;

	   my $m = $p->package("Kwalify");
	   # $m	is a Parse::CPAN::Packages::Fast::Package object
	   print $m->package, "\n";   #	Kwalify
	   print $m->version, "\n";   #	1.21

	   my $d = $m->distribution;
	   # $d	is a Parse::CPAN::Packages::Fast::Distribution object
	   print $d->dist,    "\n";   #	Kwalify
	   print $d->version, "\n";   #	1.21

       This is a largely API compatible	rewrite	of Parse::CPAN::Packages.

       Notable differences are

       o   The method add_package of Parse::CPAN::Packages::Fast::Distribution
	   is not implemented

       o   Parse::CPAN::Packages::Fast::Distribution is	really a
	   CPAN::DistnameInfo (but this	one is compatible with

       o   A Parse::CPAN::Packages::Fast::Distribution object does not have
	   its packages	included in the	data structure,	but it's necessary to
	   use the "contains" method. Likewise,	a
	   Parse::CPAN::Packages::Fast::Package	object does not	include	the
	   containing distribution in the data structure, but it's necessary
	   to use the "distribution" method.

       o   The "new" constructor may be	called without the path	to the
	   "02packages.details.txt" file. In this case's logic is used
	   to find an existing packages	file. Note that	this might be
	   interactive (i.e. if	was never configured, or needs
	   reconfiguration), so	don't do this in batch systems.

       Calling "Parse::CPAN::Packages"'	constructor is quite slow and takes
       about 10	seconds	on my machine. In contrast, the	reimplementation just
       takes a second.

       I did some benchmarking of the original module and found	no obvious
       weak point to speed it up. Moose	is used	here, but does not seem	to
       cause the problem. I suspect that the real problem is just heavy	use of
       method calls.

       Also, this module does not have problems	with circular references like
       the original. See "BUGS"	in Parse::CPAN::Packages.

       Parse::CPAN::Packages, CPAN::DistnameInfo.

perl v5.32.0			  2015-10-06	Parse::CPAN::Packages::Fast(3)


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