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Padre::Wx::Dialog::RegUseriContributed Perl DPadre::Wx::Dialog::RegexEditor(3)

       Padre::Wx::Dialog::RegexEditor -	dialog to make it easy to create a
       regular expression

       The "Regex Editor" provides an interface	to easily create regular
       expressions used	in Perl.

       The user	can insert a regular expression	(the surrounding "/"
       characters are not needed) and a	text. The "Regex Editor" will
       automatically display the matching text in the bottom right window.

       At the top of the window	the user can select any	of the four regular
       expression modifiers:

       Ignore case (i)
       Single-line (s)
       Multi-line (m)
       Extended	(x)

       Global match

       Allow the change/replacement of the // around the regular expression

       Highlight the match in the source text instead of in a separate window

       Display the captured groups in a	tree hierarchy similar to Rx ?

	 Group			Span (character) Value
	 Match 0 (Group	0)	4-7		 the actual match

       Display the various Perl	variable containing the	relevant values	e.g.
       the "@-"	and "@+" arrays, the "%+" hash $1, $2...

       point out what to use instead of	$@ and "$'" and	"$`"

       English explanation of the regular expression

       Copyright 2008-2013 The Padre development team as listed	in

       This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it
       under the same terms as Perl 5 itself.

perl v5.24.1			  2013-11-09 Padre::Wx::Dialog::RegexEditor(3)


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