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POE::Component::IRC::PUsernContributed PePOE::Component::IRC::Plugin::Hailo(3)

       POE::Component::IRC::Plugin::Hailo - A PoCo-IRC plugin which provides
       access to a Hailo conversation simulator.

       To quickly get an IRC bot with this plugin up and running, you can use

	$ pocoirc -s -j '#bots' -a	'Hailo{	"brain_resource": "brain.sqlite" }'

       Or use it in your code:

	use POE::Component::IRC::Plugin::Hailo;

	$irc->plugin_add('Hailo', POE::Component::IRC::Plugin::Hailo->new(
	    Own_channel	   => '#bot_chan',
	    Ignore_regexes => [	qr{\w+://\w} ],	# ignore lines containing URLs
	    Hailo_args	   => {
		brain_resource => 'brain.sqlite',

       POE::Component::IRC::Plugin::Hailo is a POE::Component::IRC plugin. It
       provides	"intelligence" through the use of POE::Component::Hailo.  It
       will talk back when addressed by	channel	members	(and possibly in other
       situations, see "new"). An example:

	--> hailo_bot joins #channel
	<Someone> oh hi	there
	<Other>	hello there
	<Someone> hailo_bot: hi
	<hailo_bot> oh hi there

       It will occasionally send CTCP ACTIONS (/me) too, if the	reply in
       question	happens	to be based on an earlier CTCP ACTION from someone.

       All NOTICEs are ignored,	so if your other bots only issue NOTICEs like
       they should, they will be ignored automatically.

       Before using, you should	read the documentation for Hailo, so you have
       an idea of what to pass as the 'Hailo_args' parameter to	"new".

       This plugin requires the	IRC component to be POE::Component::IRC::State
       or a subclass thereof.

       Takes the following optional arguments:

       'Hailo',	a reference to an existing POE::Component::Hailo object	you
       have lying around. Useful if you	want to	use it with multiple IRC
       components.  If this argument is	not provided, the plugin will
       construct its own object.

       'Hailo_args', a hash reference containing arguments to pass to the
       constructor of a	new Hailo object.

       'Channels', an array reference of channel names.	If this	is provided,
       the bot will only listen/respond	in the specified channels, rather than
       all channels.

       'Own_channel', a	channel	where it will reply to all messages. The
       plugin will take	care of	joining	the channel. It	will part from it when
       the plugin is removed from the pipeline.	Defaults to none.

       'Abuse_interval', default is 60 (seconds), which	means that user	X in
       channel Y has to	wait that long before addressing the bot in the	same
       channel if he wants to get a reply. Setting this	to 0 effectively turns
       off abuse protection.

       'Talkative', when set to	a true value, the bot will respond whenever
       someone mentions	its name (in a PRIVMSG or CTCP ACTION (/me)). If
       false, it will only respond when	addressed directly with	a PRIVMSG.
       Default is false.

       'Ignore_masks', an array	reference of IRC masks (e.g. "purl!*@*") to

       'Ignore_regexes', an array reference of regex objects. If a message
       matches any of them, it will be ignored.	Handy for ignoring messages
       with URLs in them.

       'Method', how you want messages to be delivered.	Valid options are
       'notice'	(the default) and 'privmsg'.

       'Replyrate', when set to	a number (a percentage,	0 to 100) controls how
       often the bot will respond to any message. Uses a uniform RNG and fires
       whenever	the random roll	is less	than this number.

       Returns a plugin	object suitable	for feeding to POE::Component::IRC's
       "plugin_add" method.

       Takes no	arguments. Returns the underlying POE::Component::Hailo	object
       being used by the plugin.

       Replaces	the brain with the supplied POE::Component::Hailo instance.
       Shuts down the old brain	if it was instantiated by the plugin itself.

       Hinrik Arn SigurA<degree>sson,

       This distribution is based on POE::Component::IRC::Plugin::MegaHAL by
       the same	author.

perl v5.32.1			  2012-12POE::Component::IRC::Plugin::Hailo(3)


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