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       Searches	certificate database for certificate with the matching

       Activity	configuration: certificateoutcontextkey	       context
       parameter to use	for output certificate
				       (default: certificate)
       certidentifieroutcontextkey     context parameter to use	for output
				       (default: none, do not write to

       certstatus		       Only match certificates with the
				       status. May be one of the following:
				       ISSUED: certificate is not revoked
				       CRL_ISSUANCE_PENDING: certificate is
					 but does not yet appear on any	CRL
				       REVOKED:	certificate is revoked
				       ANY: matches any	certificate state

       Operation mode 1: search	for certificate	identifier

       If no activity options are specified this activity expects to find the
       a context parameter cert_identifier. Its	value is used to query the
       database	and search the corresponding certificate.

       Sets context parameter 'certificate' to PEM encoded certificate with
       the matching certificate	identifier.

       Operation mode 2: search	for particular certificate with	specified

       This operation mode is enabled if at least one of the following
       activity	parameters are defined in the activity definition. The
       parameter cert_identifier is IGNORED if any of these parameters are

       cert_profile:	       filter certificates with	this profile
       (required) cert_subject:		  filter certificates with specified
       subject min_remaining_validity: filter certificates with	a minimum of
       the specified
			       number of days remaining	before expiration
       valid_at:	       filter certificates which are valid at
			       time (allowed: Unix timestamp or	YYYYMMDD,
			       distinguished by	value length)

       Note: if	parameters specified start with	a '$', the corresponding
       workflow	context	parameter is referenced	instead	of the literal string.

       The first certificate with the matching criteria	is exported via	the
       context parameter 'certificate' (PEM encoded).

       Only if explicitly set in the activity configuration via
       identifieroutcontextkey the specified context entry is set by the
       activity	to contain the retrieved certificate identifier.

perl v5.24.OpenXPKI::Server::Workflow::Activity::Tools::RetrieveCertificate(3)

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