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       This is a sort of "Fake Fork" to	make a workflow	disconnect from	the
       current process and continue in the background.	If invoked the first
       time, it	just calls pause, the workflow gets picked up by the watchdog
       and is resumed.

   Activity parameters
	   A string that is set	as initial "pause reason". This	is visible to
	   the user until the watchdog picks up	the process and	continues.

	   Usually the workflow	is continued with the permissions of the role
	   that	was active when	it was put to sleep. Setting this to a role
	   name	will change the	session	role to	this value when	the workflow
	   is woke up.

	   SECURITY RISK Changing the role in a	workflow affects the access
	   privileges of all all activities until the next interactive step!

perl v5.32.0	    OpenXPKI::Server::Workflow::Activity::Tools::Disconnect(3)

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