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       Passphrase based	authentication against a given user database. The
       users must be provided as a key/value list where	the key	is equal to
       the username that is passed to the handler.

       If you have set a static	default	role via the role parameter, the user
       source must return a scalar that	contains the hashed password in	a
       format that is understod	by "OpenXPKI::Password::check".

       If no role is set, the source must return a key value list with the
       keys role and digest. Additional	parameters are set as userinfo.

       SCHEME is one of	sha (SHA1), md5	(MD5), crypt (Unix crypt), smd5
       (salted MD5) or ssha (salted SHA1).

       If you add the role parameter to	the config, the	configuration must
       return a	scalar value for each username representing the	digest.

   Login Parameters
       Expects the credentials given as	username and password.

perl v5.32.1			 OpenXPKI::Server::Authentication::Password(3)


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