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OpenXPKI::i18n(3)     User Contributed Perl Documentation    OpenXPKI::i18n(3)

       OpenXPKI::i18n -	internationalization (i18n) handling class.

Exported functions
       Exported	function are function which can	be imported by every other
       object. All i18n	functions are static functions and work	in global

       You should call the function in the following way:


       This module manages all i18n stuff for the OpenXPKi system.  The	main
       job is the implementation of the	translation function and the storage
       of the activated	language.

       All functions work in static mode (static member	functions).  This
       means that they are to be invoked directly and not via an object

       The only	parameter is a directory in the	filesystem. The	function is
       used to set the path to the directory with the mo databases.

       The first parameter is the i18n code string that	should be looked up in
       the translation table. Usually this identifier should look like
       "I18N_OPENXPKI_MODULE_FUNCTION_SPECIFIC_STUFF". If the first parameter
       is undefined or has the length zero then	the function returns the first
       parameter itself.  Optionally there may follow a	hash or	a hash
       reference that maps parameter keywords to values	that should be
       replaced	in the original	string.	 A parameter should have the format
       "__NAME__", but in fact every keyword is	possible.

       The function obtains the	translation for	the code string	(if available)
       and then	replaces each parameter	keyword	in the code string with	the
       corresponding replacement value.

       The function always returns an UTF8 string.


	   my $text;
	   $text = i18nGettext("I18N_OPENXPKI_FOO_BAR");
	   $text = i18nGettext("I18N_OPENXPKI_FOO_BAR",
			       "__COUNT__" => 1,
			       "__ORDER__" => "descending",

	   %translation	= ( "__COUNT__"	=> 1,
			    "__ORDER__"	=> "descending"	);
	   $text = i18nGettext("I18N_OPENXPKI_FOO_BAR",	%translation);

	   $translation_ref = {	"__COUNT__" => 1,
				"__ORDER__" => "descending" };
	   $text = i18nGettext("I18N_OPENXPKI_FOO_BAR",	$translation_ref);

       Switch complete language	setup to the specified language. If no
       language	is specified then the default language C is activated. This
       deactivates all translation databases.

       returns the actually configured language.

perl v5.32.0			  2020-08-29		     OpenXPKI::i18n(3)

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