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OpenXPKI::Workflow::FaUseryContributed Perl DocuOpenXPKI::Workflow::Factory(3)

       Return the UI info for the named	action.

       Todo: Some of this code is duplicated in	the OpenXPKI::Workflow::Config
       - might be useful to merge this into a helper. Might be useful in the

       Public wrapper around __authorize_workflow, boolean return (true	if
       access it granted).

       OpenXPKI::Workflow::Factory - OpenXPKI specific workflow	factory

       This is the OpenXPKI specific subclass of Workflow::Factory.  We	need
       an OpenXPKI specific subclass because Workflow currently	enforces that
       a Factory is a singleton. In OpenXPKI, we want to have several factory
       objects (one for	each version and each PKI realm).  The most important
       difference between Workflow::Factory and	OpenXPKI::Workflow::Factory is
       in the instance() class method, which creates only one global instance
       in the original and a new one for each call in the OpenXPKI version.

       In addition, the	fetch_workflow() method	has been modified to do	ACL
       checks before returning the workflow to the caller. Typically, it also
       'censors' the workflow context by removing certain workflow context
       entries.	Unfiltered access is possible via fetch_unfiltered_workflow()
       - please	note that this is sort of an ACL circumvention and should only
       be used if really necessary (and	should only be used to create a
       temporary object	that is	used to	retrieve the relevant entries).

       All methods return an object of class OpenXPKI::Server::Workflow, which
       is derived from Workflow	base class and implements the
       pause/resume-features. see there	for details.

perl v5.24.1			  2017-07-03	OpenXPKI::Workflow::Factory(3)

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