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OpenXPKI::Transport::SUsereContributed Perl DocuOpenXPKI::Transport::Simple(3)

       OpenXPKI::Transport::Simple - basic transport protocol.

       This is the interface specification for all common OpenXPKI transport
       protocol	implementations. Please	note that every	read operation returns
       an interpretable	answer.	We do not return partial messages.

       To handle utf8 transparently, we	assume that data stream	are always
       utf8 sequences. Therefore the transport will corrupt data that might be
       missinterpreted by the utf8::upgrade pragma and we strongly recommend
       to base64 encode	all data that is neither UTF8 nor plain	ASCII!

       accepts only INFILE and OUTFILE as parameters. It takes over the
       complete	communication via STDIN	and STDOUT. If INFILE is specified
       then messages are written to INFILE instead of STDIN. If	OUTFILE	is
       present than messages are read from OUTFILE instead of STDOUT.


       my $transport = OpenXPKI::Transport::Simple->new	({});

       close the connection and	calls DESTROY.

       send a message.

       read a message.

internal communication protocol
       A header	is added to the	data to	correctly handle reading from the

       The header has a	fixed format::


       The default type	is final, which	means this is the last message (most
       times the only one) and all data	was transmitted	after this package was
       read.  If the data is too large to fit into a single package, it	is
       splitted	into several parts, each one with the maximum allowed size.
       Those intermediate packages are transmitted wit the type	set to chunk.

       The maximum allowed size	is a fixed value of 1048544 bytes (2^20	- 32).
       The 32 bytes are	sufficient to place the	header,	so the total size is
       always below 1MB.

       The length of the raw data portion in bytes, to ease parsing this is
       always written with 8 digit using decimal notation.

perl v5.32.0			  2020-08-29	OpenXPKI::Transport::Simple(3)

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