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OpenXPKI::Tests(3)    User Contributed Perl Documentation   OpenXPKI::Tests(3)


       This is a helper	module for the OpenXPKI	test suites. It	adds a lot of
       helper functions	for deploying, starting, stopping a server as well as
       own test	functions that add tests for various things.

       All of these functions are exported into	the caller namespace for
       easier calling (and because it is assumed that tests don't use much of
       the namespace for themselves anyways).

       Deploys test server configuration. Takes	a named	argument of
       'DIRECTORY', which is the directory into	which the server will be
       deployed.  Returns 1 if deployment was successfull, 0 otherwise.

       Creates a CA certificate	using OpenSSL for installation in a freshly
       deployed	test server. Takes a named argument of 'DIRECTORY', which is
       the directory of	the deployed server.  Also imports the certificate
       into the	OpenXPKI database and creates an appropriate alias for it.
       Then patches the	config file to use the literal password	for the	key.
       This enables you	to start a test	server with a working CA certificate
       using start_test_server().

       Starts the deployed test	server.	Takes an optional argument of
       FOREGROUND, which will start the	server in the foreground (this is
       useful so that a	forked child can send commands to the server and the
       coverage	report gets server information instead of client information).
       The named argument 'DIRECTORY' is the one used in deploy_test_server()
       to find the corresponding configuration file.  Returns 1	if starting
       the server was successfull, 0 otherwise.

       Expects the named arguments CLIENT (which is an OpenXPKI::Client
       object),	USER and PASSWORD. Initializes the client session and logs the
       user in using the Operator stack	and the	given username and password.
       Returns 1 on success, 0 on failure.

       Expects a message returned by a call to send_receive_command_msg().
       Returns 1 if the	response from the server signifies an error, 0

       Checks that structures differ deeply. This is the opposite of is_deeply
       from Test::More.

perl v5.32.0			  2020-08-29		    OpenXPKI::Tests(3)

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