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OpenXPKI::Server(3)   User Contributed Perl Documentation  OpenXPKI::Server(3)

       OpenXPKI::Server	- central server class (the daemon class).

       This is the main	server class of	OpenXPKI. If you want to start an
       OpenXPKI	server then you	must instantiate this class. Please always
       remember	that an	instantiation of this module is	a startup of a

       starts the server. It needs some	parameters to configure	the server but
       if they are correct then	an exec	will be	performed. The parameters are
       the following ones:

       o   DAEMON_USER

       o   DAEMON_GROUP

       o   CONFIG

       o   SILENT (for silent startup with start-stop-daemons during System V

       All parameters are required.

       is the function which is	called by Net::Server to make the work.	The
       only parameter is the class instance. The communication is handled via
       STDIN and STDOUT.

       The class selects the user interfaces and checks	the pre-initialized
       variables. If all of this is fine then the user interface will be
       initialized and started.

       does the	actual work of process_request:	it reconnects dbi_log,
       determines transport, serialization and service from the	user input and
       calls the init()	and run() methods on the corresponding service.	It
       also does some housekeeping such	as setting permissions,	setting	the
       process name, etc.

       Is executed (by Net::Server) just after the bind	process	and just
       before any chrooting, change of user, or	change of group	occurs.
       Changes the socket ownership based on the configuration.

       Drops privileges	to the user configured in the configuration file just
       before starting the main	server loop.

       is normal layer stack where the user interfaces can execute commands.

   Server Configuration

       Send all	messages to STDERR directly to a file. The file	is specified
       in the XML configuration.


       Returns a hash reference	with the supported user	interfaces. The	value
       of each hash element is an instance of the user interface class.


       Prepares	the complete server configuration to startup a socket based
       server with Net::Server::Fork. It returns a hashref.

perl v5.24.1			  2017-07-03		   OpenXPKI::Server(3)

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