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OpenXPKI::Server::WorkUser(Contributed Perl DocumOpenXPKI::Server::Workflow(3)

       Set the given argument as reap_at time in the database, calls the
       persister if the	workflow is already in run state. The interval must be
       in relativedate format (@see OpenXPKI::DateTime). Auto-Persist can be
       skipped by passing a true value as second argument.

       Return an arrayref with the names of the	global actions wakeup, resume,
       fail that are available to the session user on this workflow.


       This is the OpenXPKI specific subclass of Workflow.

       Purpose:	overwrite the Method "execute_action" of the baseclass to
       implement the feature of	"pauseing / wake-up / resuming"	workflows

       The workflow-table is expanded with 4 new persistent fields (see
       database	schema)


       Essential field is "workflow_proc_state", internally "proc_state". All
       known and possible proc_states and their	follow-up actions are defined
       in %known_proc_states.  "running" will be set, before
       SUPER::execute_action/Activity::run is called.  After execution of one
       or more Activities, either "manual" (waiting for	interaction)  or
       "finished" will be set.	If an exception	occurs,	the proc state
       "exception" is set. Also	the message code (not translation) will	be
       saved in	WF context (key	"wf_exception")	The two	states "pause" and
       "retry_exceeded"	concern	the  "pause" feature.

Usage documentation and	guidelines
       Please refer to the documentation of Workflow Modul for basic usage

       Constructor. Takes the original Workflow-Object as first	argument and
       take all	his properties - after that the	object IS the original

       wrapper around super::execute_action. does some initialisation before,
       checks the current proc_state, trigger the "resume"/"wake_up" - hooks,
       sets the	"reap_at"-timestamp, sets the proc state to "running".

       after super::execute_action() the special
       "OpenXPKI::Server::Workflow::Pause"-exception will be handled and some
       finalisation takes place.

       should not be called manually/explicitly. Activities should always use
       $self->pause($msg) (= OpenXPKI::Server::Workflow::Activity::pause()).
       calculates and stores the "count_try" and "wake_up_at" information. if
       "max_count:_try"	is exceeded, an	special	exception
       The given cause of pausing will be stored in context key
       "wf_pause_msg". history etries are made,	observers notified.  Note that
       pause requires an epoch value for $wakeup_at and	NOT a relative date!

       checks the current proc state and determines the	follwo up action (e.g.

       wrapper and try/catch around Activity::wake_up(). makes history entries
       and notifies observers.	sets the proc_state to "wakeup".

       wrapper and try/catch around Activity::resume().	makes history entries
       and notifies observers.	sets the proc_state to "wakeup".

       after calling Activity::runtime_exception() throws

       stores the proc_state in	 the class field "proc_state" and calls

   _check_and_set_proc_state($old_state, $new_state)
       Stores $new_state in the	class attribute	"proc_state" if	the previous
       state in	the database can be updated successfully.

       Returns 1 on success and	0 if the database did not show the expected
       $old_state, e.g.	if another parallel process already changed

       After successful	update,	calls "$self->_save()" which persists other
       workflow	information and	performs a database COMMIT.

       is called if an exception occurs	during execute_action. the code	of the
       exception (not the translation) is stored in context key
       "wf_exception".	observers are notified,	history	written. the
       proc_state is set to "exception", if not	otherwise specified (via param
       "next_proc_state" given to Exception::throw(), see pause() for details.
       Caveat: in any case the proc_state must be specified in

       true, if	the workflow has paused	(i.e. the proc state is	"pause"	or

       true, if	the workflow is	running(i.e. the proc state is "running")

       overwritten from	parent Workflow	class. handles the special case
       "pause",	otherwise it calls super::_get_next_state()

       Internal	flag to	control	the behaviour of the context/attribute

	 0: do not persist anything
	 1: persist only the internal flags (context starting with wf_)
	 2: persist all	updated	values (context	and attributes)

       return a	ref to the workflows factory

       Calls $self->_factory()->save_workflow($self);

       overwritten from	parent Workflow	class. adds the	OpenXPKI-package to
       the "allowed" packages, which CAN set internal properties.

       Workflow	context

       See documentation for
       OpenXPKI::Server::Workflow::Persister::DBI::update_workflow() for
       limitations that	exist for data stored in Workflow Contexts.

       Creating	new activities

       For creating a new Workflow activity it is advisable to start with the
       activity	template available in

       Authorization and access	control

perl v5.32.0			  2020-08-29	 OpenXPKI::Server::Workflow(3)

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