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       Implements the OpenXPKI Workflow	persister using	the OpenXPKI DBI
       infrastructure. We do not subclass the Workflow::Persister::DBI here
       because we'd like to have a single SQL abstraction layer	in the main
       DBI module.

       For a description of the	exported functions please refer	to the
       Workflow	module documentation.

       Initializes the persister (assigns sequence generators).

       Creates a workflow instance object.

       Fetches a workflow instance object from the persistant storage.

       Fetches a workflow's context from persistant storage.

       Updates a workflow instance object in persistant	storage.

       Limitation: Context values must consist of valid	Unicode	characters.
       NULL bytes are explicitly not allowed. Binary data storage is NOT

       Limitation: The maximum length of context values	is 32 KByte.

       Limitation: If the parameter value is 'undef' the parameter will	not be
       persisted. After	restoring the workflow instance	from persistent
       storage the corresponding entry will not	exist.

       Volatile	Context	Parameters

       Context parameters starting with	an underscore '_' will NOT be saved
       persistently in the database. You can use such parameters for storing
       truly temporary data that does not need to be stored in the database
       (and that will NOT survive saving and retrieving	the workflow instance
       from the	database!) or e. g. for	caching	objects	that can also be
       retrieved from the database.

       Such volatile context parameters	can have arbitrary size, may contain
       arbitrary Perl data structures (including Object	references) or
       arbitrary binary	data.

       Creates a workflow history entry.

       Fetches a workflow history object from the persistant storage.

   update_proc_state($old_state, $new_state)
       Tries to	update the "proc_state"	in the database	to $new_state.

       Returns 1 on success and	0 if e.g. another parallel process already
       changed the given $old_state.

perl v5.32.0			 OpenXPKI::Server::Workflow::Persister::DBI(3)

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