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       Trigger revocation of a certificate by starting an unwatched workflow.
       Intendend usage is to provide the workflow name plus all	parameters
       that are	mandatory to start the given workflow. All parameters given to
       the activity definition will be used as input parameters	for the
       workflow, except	of the workflow	and target_key parameter (system
       namespace wf_ is	obviously also filtered).

       The parameters invalidity_time and delay_revocation_time	are parsed
       using OpenXPKI::DateTime	and passed as epoch to the workflow.

       To support legacy configurations, the class assumes the default
       workflow	and presets reason_code	and flag_batch_mode to default values
       when the	workflow parameter is not given.

   Action Parameters
		   Certificate identifier of certificate to revoke

       workflow	   The name of the workflow to start for revocation, if	not
		   given the class goes	into legacy mode and prepares anything
		   to run certificate_revocation_request_v2.

       target_key  Optional, if	set receives the id of the revocation

   Special Handling
       Based on	the legacy workflow, some parameters are preprocessed:

	   The verbose no and yes are converted	to 0/1.

	   Parsed using	OpenXPKI::DateTime and coverted	to epoch.

	   Parsed using	OpenXPKI::DateTime and coverted	to epoch.  If the
	   requested time is in	the past, the argument is ignored.

perl v5.32.0 OpenXPKI::Server::Workflow::Activity::Tools::RevokeCertificate(3)

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