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       Generic pause activity which stops the current workflow for a defined
       period of time. Note that this is a non blocking	pause and the outer
       execute loop will terminate and return. This is basically the same as
       using the watchdog with a retry count of	1 and a	suitable interval.

       The Activity has	two modes of operation,	which are triggered by the
       name of the parameter used. If you specifiy both	parameters, wakeup is
       used first but sleep is used if wakeup contains a false value.

	   Sleep for a relative	time starting from now.	The value given	to
	   sleep is evaluated as a relativedate	as defined in
	   OpenXPKI::DateTime. Note: the activity will always detach from the
	   current process and waits for the watchdog to be restarted.
	   Therefore the given sleep period is a lower bound and not an	exact

	   Example - Sleep for a day:

	     <action name="I18N_OPENXPKI_WF_ACTION_PAUSE"
		  reason="I am tired"

	   Wakeup expects an absolute time, either in the OpenXPKI::DateTime
	   absolutedate	format (YYMMDDhhmmss) or epoch.	Note: If the date has
	   already elapsed, the	activity will NOT detach but just become a
	   noop	and continue.

	   Example - Sleep until five-to-twelve	on new years eve:

	     <action name="I18N_OPENXPKI_WF_ACTION_PAUSE"

	   Hint	- this is very handy in	combination with the parameter mapping
	     <action name="I18N_OPENXPKI_WF_ACTION_PAUSE"

	   The reason parameter	is optional an takes a string to be logged as
	   reason for the pause.

perl v5.32.0		 OpenXPKI::Server::Workflow::Activity::Tools::Pause(3)

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