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       Take a PEM encoded certificate and extract information to the context.

   Activity Parameters
       pem The PEM formatted certificate. If the input string consists of
	   multiple concatenated PEM blocks, the first one is used, the
	   remainder discarded.

	   Prefix for context output keys to write the subject information
	   into	(cert_subject_parts, cert_san_parts, cert_subject_alt_name).
	   Default is cert_.

   Context value to be written
       Prefix for the subject parts can	be changed by setting subject_prefix.

	   The extracted subject as string (comma seperated)

	   The OpenXPKI	identifier calculated from the certificate.

	   The issuer dn as string.

	   The key identifier of the used public key, Hex with uppercased
	   letters.  The format	is identical to	the return value of the	API
	   method get_key_identifier_from_data and the format used in the
	   certificates	table.

       notbefore / notafter
	   Validity dates of the certificate as	epoch

	   The serialnumber in integer notation

	   Contains the	parsed DN as key-value pairs where the key is the
	   shortname of	the component (e.g: OU)	and the	value is an array of
	   values found. Note that any component is an array even if it	has
	   only	one item.

	   All SAN items as nested array list. Each item of the	list is	a two
	   item	array with name	and value of one SAN item. The names are given
	   as required to build	then openssl extension file (otherName,	email,
	   DNS,	dirName, URI, IP, RID).

perl v5.32.0  OpenXPKI::Server::Workflow::Activity::Tools::ParseCertificate(3)

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