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       Trigger notifications using the configured notification backends.

       The workflow context is used to persist information from	the handlers
       over mulitple workflow steps. This is required e.g. with	 the
       RT/ServiceNow backend to	hold the session/ticket	reference or to	hold
       the receipient information for emails. You must turn off	this behaviour
       if you do e.g.  bulk notifications to multiple receipients from one

   Activity Parameters
	   The name of the message template to use.

	   The context key to use for the persister, default is	wfl_notify.

	   Set this to an empty	string to turn of persistance -	this is
	   required if you want	to communicate with different
	   tickets/receipients during the workflow, as it is the case e.g.
	   when	doing bulk notifications.

   Pass	information to the notifier
       To make arbitrary values	available in the templates, you	can specify
       additional  parameters to be mapped into	the notififer:

	       class: OpenXPKI::Server::Workflow::Activity::Tools::Notify
		   _map_notify_to: $value_from_context
		   fixed_value:	This can be used in the	template as I<data.fixed_value>
		   message: cert_expiry

perl v5.32.0		OpenXPKI::Server::Workflow::Activity::Tools::Notify(3)

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