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       Creates a random	password string. The length of the generated string is
       determined by the _password_length parameter. It	is taken from the
       context first. If it is not found in the	context, it is read from the
       activity	definition instead. If neither is defined, a default length of
       16 is used.

       Optionally, the action parameter	password_policy	may be set to specify
       the password policy to apply to the generated password.

       The currently supported policies	are:

	   The password	will consist of	one or more lowercase letters and one
	   or more digits, with	a minimum of 5 characters. No other characters
	   (e.g. symbols) are allowed.

       Note: The tuncate done by the the password_length parameter. This value
       must fit	to the selected	password policy.

       The generated random string is written to the context parameter

perl v5.24.1  OpenXPKI::Server::Workflow::Activity::Tools::GeneratePassword(3)

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