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       This class sets an entry	in the Datapool.

       In the activity definition, the following parameters must be set. The
       syntax using the	ds_ prefix is deprecated, use the _map syntax to load
       key and value from the context. It is not allowed to mix	prefixed and
       non-prefixed parameters!

       namespace / ds_namespace
	       The namespace to	use for	storing	the key-value pair. Generally
	       speaking, there are no rigid naming conventions.	The namespace
	       sys, however, is	reserved for internal server and system
	       related data.

       encrypt / ds_encrypt
	       A boolean value that specifies whether the value	of the entry
	       is to be	encrypted. [optional - default is 0]

       force / ds_force
	       Causes the set action to	overwrite an existing entry.

       expiration_date / ds_expiration_date
	       Sets expiration date of the datapool entry to the specified
	       value.  The value should	be a time specification	recognized by
	       OpenXPKI::DateTime autodetection. (such as '+000001', which
	       means one day), a terse data or epoch. See
	       OpenXPKI::DateTime::get_validity	for details.

       key     The value used as datapool key, use _map	syntax to use values
	       from context!

       value   The actual value	written	to the datapool, use _map syntax to
	       use values from context!

       ds_key_param, deprecated
	       The name	of the context parameter that contains the key for
	       this datastore entry. Deprecated, use key with _map syntax

       ds_value_param, deprecated
	       The name	of the context parameter that contains the value for
	       this datastore entry. Deprecated, use value with	_map syntax

       ds_unset_context_value, deprecated
	       If this parameter is set	to 1 the activity clears the workflow
	       context value specified via ds_value_param after	storing	the
	       value in	the datapool.  This options is deprecated and will be
	       removed in the future. Use volatile parameters or clear them

       The workflow action requires two	parameters that	are passed via the
       workflow	context. The names are set above with the ds_key_param and
       ds_value_param parameters.

	       class: OpenXPKI::Server::Workflow::Activity::Tools::Datapool::SetEntry
		   namespace: puk_namespace
		   _map_key: $token_id
		   _map_value: $_puk
		   encrypt: 1
		   force: 1
		   expiration_date: "+10"

   Example (Legacy format - same result	as above)
	       class: OpenXPKI::Server::Workflow::Activity::Tools::Datapool::SetEntry
		   ds_namespace: puk_namespace
		   ds_key_param: token_id
		   ds_value_param: _puk
		   ds_encrypt: 1
		   ds_force: 1
		   ds_unset_context_value: 0
		   ds_expiration_date: "+10"

perl v5.24.1OpenXPKI::Server::Workflow::Activity::Tools::Datapool::SetEntry(3)

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