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       This activity reads a (set of) values from the config connector into
       the context.

   Activity parameters
       mode (default: scalar)
	   * scalar: return a single value, requires target_key	* array:
	   return a single item	which is a list, requires target_key * keys:
	   as array, value is holding the keys at the given node * map:	map
	   multiple values from	the result using a map,	requires attrmap *
	   hash: import	the full result	of the get_hash	call, see note below!

       delimiter (default: dot)
	   The delimiter to split the path string, used	in regex context!

	   The path to the config item as string, split	up at delimiter.  If
	   set,	config_key, config_prefix, config_suffix are not used.

	   A single value to use as key	when building the path using
	   config_prefix and/or	config_suffix. Use if your key might contain
	   the delimiter character.

       config_prefix, config_suffix
	   String to be	used around config_key to build	the full path, see

	   Mandatory in	mode = map, defines the	mapping	rules in the format:

	       context_name1 =>	connector_name1, context_name2 => connector_name2

	   The name of the context parameter to	which the result should	be
	   written.  Mandatory when mode is array or scalar.

	   The default value to	be returned if the connector did not return a
	   result.  Only used with mode	= scalar

   scalar mode,	simple path
	   class: OpenXPKI::Server::Workflow::Activity::Tools::Connector::GetValue
	       _map_config_path: smartcard.policy.certs.type.[%	context.cert_type %].escrow_key
	       target_key: flag_need_escrow

   hash	map mode with path assembly
       Creator usually contains	the delimiter char, so we must use path
       assembly	(otherwise the username	is split into path elements).

	   class: OpenXPKI::Server::Workflow::Activity::Tools::Connector::GetValue
	       mode: map
	       config_prefix: smartcard.users.by_mail
	       _map_config_key:	"[% context.creator %]"
	       attrmap:	auth2_mail -> mail, auth2_cn ->	cn

   array mode with path	assembly
	   class: OpenXPKI::Server::Workflow::Activity::Tools::Connector::GetValue
	       mode: array
	       config_prefix: smartcard.policy.certs.type
	       _map_config_key:	"[% context.cert_type %]"
	       config_suffix: allowed_profiles
	       target_key: buid_profiles

perl v5.32.OpenXPKI::Server::Workflow::Activity::Tools::Connector::GetValue(3)

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