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       Create a	zip archive holding certifcate,	key (openssl native format)
       and all chain certificates including the	root, all certs	are PEM
       encoded.	 The archive is	written	to the context at the given
       target_key. If the target_key does not start with an underscore,	the
       archive data is encoded using base64.

   Activity parameters
	   The cert to be exported.

	   The password	which was used to persist the key, also	used for
	   encrypting the exported key if export_password is not set.

       key_file, optional
	   The filename	used inside the	archive	for the	key, default is

       crt_file, optional
	   The filename	used inside the	archive	for the	certificate, default
	   is cert.pem

       chain_file, optional
	   The filename	used inside the	archive	for the	ca/chain, default is

       export_password,	optional
	   Encrypt the key with	this password instead of the input password.
	   Ignored if empty, to	export unencrypted, you	must also set the
	   unencrypted flag.

       unencrypted, optional
	   Set this to a boolean true value AND	set export_password to the
	   empty string	to export the key unencrypted.

       die_on_error, optional
	   Boolean, if true the	activity will throw an exception if the
	   private key could not be restored (which usually means that the
	   wrong password was provided). If false/not set, the target_key is
	   just	empty on error.

       target_key, optional
	   The context key to write the	result to, default is
	   certificate_export.	Note: If you use a persisted workflow, this
	   will	leave the (password protected) key readable in the context

perl vOpenXPKI::Server::Workflow::Activity::Tools::CertificateExportArchive(3)

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