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       This class implements simple possibility	to store approvals as a
       serialized array. This allows for easy evaluation of needed approvals
       in the condition	class Condition::Approved.

       The activity has	several	operational modes, that	are determined by the
       mode parameter.

   Session Based Approval
       This is the default mode, it adds the user and role from	the current
       session to the list of approvals. Only one approval by the same user is
       allowed,	if the action is called	by the same user mutliple times, the
       activity	will not update	the list of approvals.

       If you set the mutli_role_approval parameter to a true value, a user
       can approve one time with each role he can impersonate.

   Generated Approval
       Adds the	information passed via the comment parameter as	approval.
       Note that there is no duplicate check like in the session approval, if
       you call	this multiple times you	will end up with multiple valid

       The comment is mandatory, if not	given the action will exit with	a
       workflow	configuration error.

   Activity Parameters
	   Operation mode, possible values are session or generated

	   Boolean, allow multiple approvals by	same user with different

	   The approval	comment	to add for generated approvals,	mandatory in
	   generated mode.

	   Number of points that this approval is worth. Default is one	point.

   Context Parameters
	   The serialized array	of given approvals, each item is a hash
	   holding the approval	information.

perl v5.32.0	       OpenXPKI::Server::Workflow::Activity::Tools::Approve(3)

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