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       Check if	the request has	sufficient approval points, the	required value
       for approval points can be set via parameter (approval_points).
       Default is one approval.

       Approval	points are gathered from two sources:

       eligibility check for initial enrollment
	   One approval	point if signer_sn_matches_csr and
	   eligible_for_initial_enroll (as evaluated by
	   Activity::SCEPv2::EvaluateEligability) flags	are true.

       eligibility check for renewal
	   One approval	point if signer_sn_matches_csr is false	and
	   eligible_for_renewal	(as evaluated by
	   Activity::SCEPv2::EvaluateEligability) is true.

       manual approval
	   Each	manual operator	approval given in the workflow counts as one

perl v5.24.1	OpenXPKI::Server::Workflow::Activity::SCEPv2::CalcApprovals(3)

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