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       Use the config from the context to load the next	batch of certs to be
       exported.  All certificates are written to one large XML	file for
       transfer, for certificates having an escrow key,	a PKCS12 container
       with key	and cert is created and	protected with a random	passphrase.
       The passphrase is exported as PKCS7 container, encrypted	with the given
       target identifiers.

       The activity pulls its configuration from the workflow context:

       o   max_records

	   max.	number of certificates to put into one file

       o   key_namespace

	   The namespace in the	datapool to search for a matching escrowed key

       o   queue_namespace

	   The namespace in the	datapool to get	the identifiers	to be exported

       o   enc_cert_ids

	   Array of certificate	identifiers to enrypt the p12 passwords	to

Return values
       The following parameters	are written to the context

       o   exported_cert_ids

	   Array of certificate	identifiers contained in the xml

       o   xml_filename

	   Name	of the xml file	on the local system (tempfile)

       o   xml_targetname

	   Expected name of the	file on	the target system after	transfer


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