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       The workflow instance thread

       This class is responsible for waking up paused workflows. Its run-
       method is called	from OpenXPKI::Server::Watchdog	and recieves the db
       resultset as only argument. Immediately a child process will be created
       via fork() and _wake_up_workflow	is called within the child.

       _wake_up_workflow reads all necessary infos from	the resultset
       (representing one row from workflow table) the serialized session infos
       are imported in the current (watchdog's)	session, so that the wqorkflow
       is executed within its original environment.

       the last	performed action is retrieved from workflow history, than
       executed	again (via OpenXPKI::Server::API::Workflow)

       Re-Instantiate the workflow and re-run the paused activity

       Make sure that the session context is set

perl v5.24.1		       OpenXPKI::Server::Watchdog::WorkflowInstance(3)


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