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       Interface to the	new notification system. Checks	the requested
       notification against all	configured backends and	starts the delivery
       according to the	configuration.

   notify({ MESSAGE, WORKFLOW })
       Execute the notifcations	for MESSAGE and.

       Public method to	trigger	a notification.	MESSAGE	is the name of the
       message to be triggered,	WORKFLOW is a reference	to the workflow	object
       and TOKEN can contain persisted information from	earlier	calls of the
       same notification thread. DATA can contain additional info to be	passed
       to the template.

       The vars	hash passed to the templates is	composed from the data
       extracted from the workflow (@see _prepare_template_vars) and the data
       from the	DATA variable, which is	added under the	key "data".

   _prepare_template_vars ( WORKFLOW )
       Creates a hashref containing useful values from the realm and the

       realm info, from	system.realms
	       meta_pki_realm, meta_label, meta_baseurl
	       plus all	other keys found at system.realms.$pki_realm with I<meta_>
	       added as	prefix.	Label and baseurl are alway set	but empty if not
	       present in the config. Keys must	not start with I<wf_>.

       scalar values from the context
	       csr_serial, cert_subject, cert_identifier, cert_profile

       hashes from the context
	       cert_subject_parts, cert_subject_alt_name, cert_info, approvals

	       requestor (real name of the requestor, assembled	from cert_info.requestor_gname + requestor_name)

perl v5.32.0			  20OpenXPKI::Server::Notification::Handler(3)

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