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OpenXPKI::Server::NICEUserlContributed Perl DocOpenXPKI::Server::NICE::Null(3)


       This module implements a	dummy OpenXPKI NICE Interface for Realms which
       do not issue certificates themselves but	which are used to manage
       external	information, e.	g. a "CA Only" Realm which manages externally
       issued CA certificates or CRLs.

       This may	be useful for situations in which the certificate and CRL
       publishing mechanisms of	OpenXPKI shall be used.

       The module does not require nor accept any configuration	options.

       Any call	to issuance of certificates or CRLs will trigger an exception.

perl v5.32.0			  2020-08-29   OpenXPKI::Server::NICE::Null(3)

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