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OpenXPKI::Server::DBI:UsereContributed Perl DoOpenXPKI::Server::DBI::Schema(3)


       The major job of	this class is to define	and manage the schema of the
       OpenXPKI	database backend. This means that this class has no real
       internal	logic. It only implements several functions to provide the
       other database classes with informations	about the database schema.

Database Schema
   The CA table
       The CA table is used to define a	CA. Sounds simple? Yes,	but it is a
       little bit tricky. A certificate	is identified via the primary key of
       the certificate table. This primary key consists	of the PKI realm, the
       name of the issuing CA and the serial of	the certificate. If such a
       certificate is used as a	CA certificate then we must associated this CA
       with a PKI realm	and we must give the CA	a symbolic name.

       If you want to interpret	the table in a semantical manner then the
       table is	a connector which defines CAs inside of	a PKI realm and
       connects	certificates with this CA. The same CA name is used by the
       token configuration.

       The GLOBAL_KEY_ID is more or less a KEY_ID. It is used to identify all
       objects which are related to one	key. This is for example necessary to
       identify	all related objects if a revocation starts because of a	key
       compromise. GLOBAL is used to signal everybody that this	ID is a	GLOBAL
       unique ID.


       The constructor does not	support	any parameters.

   Column informations

       returns the native SQL column name for a	given column name.

       Example:	 $schema->get_column ("CERTIFICATE_SERIAL");

   Table informations

       returns all available table names (these	are not	the native SQL table


       returns the native SQL table name for a given table name.


       returns an ARRAY	reference to the columns which build the index of the
       specified table.


       returns an ARRAY	reference to the columns which are in the specified

   Sequence informations

       returns all available sequence names (these are not the native SQL
       sequence	names).


       returns the native SQL sequence name for	a given	sequence name.

   Index informations

       returns all available index names (these	are not	the native SQL index


       returns the native SQL index name for a given index name.


       returns the table where an index	is placed on.


       returns the columns which are used for an index.

   Namespace handling

       This is the only	function where something is manipulated	in the schema
       during runtime. The namespace can be configured to seperate some	users
       inside the same database	management system. The result is that all
       tables are prefixed by the namespace.

   Private methods

       Checks validity of specified argument as	an SQL argument. This includes
       checking	if the argument	is defined, not	empty, alphanumeric and
       uppercase only. Throws an exception if it isn't.

perl v5.24.1			  2017-07-03  OpenXPKI::Server::DBI::Schema(3)

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