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       OpenXPKI::Server::Authentication::Password - passphrase based

       This is the class which supports	OpenXPKI with an internal passphrase
       based authentication method. The	parameters are passed as a hash

       is the constructor. It requires the config prefix as single argument.
       This is the minimum parameter set for any authentication	class.

       When no role is set in the configuration, the configuration must	return
       a hash for each user holding digest and role, any additonal fields of
       the hash	are returned as	userinfo.

       The digest must have the	format:	"{SCHEME}encrypted_string"

       SCHEME is one of	sha (SHA1), md5	(MD5), crypt (Unix crypt), smd5
       (salted MD5) or ssha (salted SHA1).

       If you add the role parameter to	the config, the	configuration must
       return a	scalar value for each username representing the	digest.

       returns a pair of (user,	role, response_message)	for a given login
       step. If	user and role are undefined, the login is not yet finished.

perl v5.32.1			 OpenXPKI::Server::Authentication::Password(3)

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