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OpenXPKI::Server::API(User Contributed Perl DocumentatOpenXPKI::Server::API(3)


       This is the interface which should be used by all user interfaces of
       OpenXPKI.  A user interface MUST	NOT access the server directly.	The
       only allowed access is via this API. Any	function which is not
       available in this API is	not for	public use.  The API gets access to
       the server via the 'server' context object. This	object must be set
       before instantiating the	API.

       Default constructor created by Class::Std. The named parameter EXTERNAL
       should be set to	1 if the API is	used from an external source (e.g.
       within a	service). If EXTERNAL is set, in addition to the parameter
       checks, ACL checks are enabled.

       This method is used by Class::Std when a	method is called that is
       undefined in the	current	class. In our case, this method	does the
       parameter checking for the requested method. If the class has been
       instantiated with the EXTERNAL parameter, ACL checks are	done in
       addition. Then the class	name is	constructed from the $method_info hash
       reference and the corresponding method is called	with the given

perl v5.24.1			  2017-07-03	      OpenXPKI::Server::API(3)

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