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OpenXPKI::Server::API:UserkContributed Perl OpenXPKI::Server::API::Workflow(3)

       Return the workflow log for a given workflow id (ID), by	default	you
       get the last 50 items of	the log	sorted neweset first. Set LIMIT	to the
       number of lines expected	or 0 to	get all	lines (might be	huge!).	Set
       REVERSE = 1 to reverse sorting (oldest first).

       The return value	is a list of arrays with a fixed order of fields:

       ID numeric workflow id
       LIMIT number of lines to	return,	0 for all
       REVERSE set to 1	to reverse sorting

       This is a simple	passthru to __get_workflow_ui_info

       Return a	hash with the information taken	from the workflow engine plus
       additional information taken from the workflow config via connector.
       Expects one of:

       ID numeric workflow id
       TYPE workflow type
       WORKFLOW	workflow object

       You can pass certain flags to turn on/off components in the returned

	   Boolean, set	to get the extra attributes.

       Only valid if the workflow is in	pause state, reads the last action
       from the	history	and reruns it. This method is also used	by the

       Only valid if the workflow is in	exception state, same as wakeup

       Does the	work for resume	and wakeup, pulls the last action from the
       history and executes it.

       Limitations and Requirements:

       Each workflow MUST start	with a state called INITIAL and	MUST have
       exactly one action. The factory presets the context value for creator
       with the	current	session	user, the inital action	SHOULD set the context
       value 'creator' to the id of the	(associated) user of this workflow if
       this differs from the system user. Note that the	creator	is afterwards
       attached	to the workflow	as attribtue and would not update if you set
       the context value later!

       Workflows that fail on complete the inital action are NOT saved and can
       not be continued.

       Load a list of workflow types present in	the database for the current
       realm and add label and description from	the configuration.

       Return value is a hash with the type name as key	and a hashref with
       label/description as value.


       This is the workflow interface which should be used by all user
       interfaces of OpenXPKI.	A user interface MUST NOT access the server
       directly. The only allowed access is via	this API. Any function which
       is not available	in this	API is not for public use.  The	API gets
       access to the server via	the 'server' context object. This object must
       be set before instantiating the API.

       Default constructor created by Class::Std.

       Returns a hash ref containing all available workflow titles including a

       Return structure: {
	 title => description,
	 ...  }

       This function accesses the database directly in order to	find Workflow
       instances matching the specified	search criteria.

       Returns an array	reference of the database query	result.

       Named parameters:

       o   CONTEXT

	   The named parameter CONTEXT must be a hash reference.  Apply	search
	   filter to search using the KEY/VALUE	pair passed in CONTEXT and
	   match all Workflow instances	whose context contain all of the
	   specified tuples.  It is possible to	use SQL	wildcards such as % in
	   the VALUE field.


	 my @workflow_ids = $api->search_workflow_instances(
	     CONTEXT =>
		 KEY   => 'SCEP_TID',
		 VALUE => 'ECB001D912E2A357E6E813D87A72E641',

       o   TYPE	(optional)

	   The named parameter TYPE can	either be scalar or an array
	   reference.  Searches	for workflows only of this type	/ these	types.

       o   STATE (optional)

	   The named parameter TYPE can	either be scalar or an array
	   reference.  Searches	for workflows only in this state / these

       o   LIMIT (optional)

	   If given, limits the	amount of workflows returned.

       o   START (optional)

	   If given, defines the offset	of the returned	workflow (use with

       Works exactly the same as search_workflow_instances, but	returns	the
       number of results instead of the	results	themselves.

       Get a suitable factory from handler. If a workflow id is	given, the
       config version and realm	are extracted from the workflow	system.

perl v5.24.1			  2017-07-03OpenXPKI::Server::API::Workflow(3)

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