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OpenXPKI::Server::ACL(User Contributed Perl DocumentatOpenXPKI::Server::ACL(3)


       The ACL module implements the authorization for the OpenXPKI core

       is the constructor of the module.  The constructor loads	all ACLs of
       all PKI realms. Every PKI realm must include an ACL section in its
       configuration. This configuration includes a definition of all servers,
       all supported roles and all permissions.

       is the function which grant the right to	execute	an activity. The
       function	needs two parameters ACTIVITY and AFFECTED_ROLE. The activity
       is the activity which is	performed by the workflow engine. The affected
       role is the role	of the object which is handled by the activity.	If you
       create a	request	for a certificate with the role	"RA Operator" then the
       affected	role is	"RA Operator".

       The other needed	parameters will	be automatically determined via	the
       active session. It is not necessary to specify a	PKI realm or the role
       of the logged in	user.

       If the access is	granted	then function returns a	true value. If the
       access is denied	then an	exception is thrown.

       returns all available roles for the actual PKI realm.

       returns a hashref that lists all	servers	by PKI realm

perl v5.32.0			  2020-08-29	      OpenXPKI::Server::ACL(3)

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