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OpenXPKI::Exception(3)User Contributed Perl DocumentatioOpenXPKI::Exception(3)

       OpenXPKI::Exception - central exception class of	OpenXPKI.

       This is the basic exception class of OpenXPKI.

Intended use
       OpenXPKI::Exception->throw (message => "I18N_OPENXPKI_FAILED",
				   children  =>	[$other_exception],#opt.
				   params  => {FILENAME	=> $file});

       if (my $exc = OpenXPKI::Exception->caught()) {
	   ## handle it	or throw again
	   my $errno  =	$exc->errno();
	   my $errval =	$exc->as_string();
	   OpenXPKI::Exception->throw (message => ..., child =>	$exc, params
       => {...}); } else {
	   $EVAL_ERROR->rethrow(); }

       Please note that	FILENAME will be extended to __FILENAME__. If you want
       to send a specific errorcode to the caller then you can specify errno
       directly	like message, child or params.

New Functions
       usually all functions from Exception::Class will	be used. Nevertheless
       one function will be overloaded and on new function will	be specified
       to support other	modules	with errorcodes	if one is available.

       This function is	used to	build the new errormessages conforming to the
       specifications of OpenXPKI. This	means in the first line	the
       specification of	i18n.

       returns the untranslated	and unmodified i18n-message-code

       returns the names of the	available parameters (message, errno, child,

       errno returns the errorcode if available.

       returns the exception object of the child if this is a nested

       returns a hash reference	with name and value pairs of the parameters
       for the error message (i18nGettext).

perl v5.32.0			  2020-08-29		OpenXPKI::Exception(3)

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