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OpenXPKI::DN(3)	      User Contributed Perl Documentation      OpenXPKI::DN(3)

       OpenXPKI::DN - RFC 2253 compatible dn parsing with support for
       OpenSSL's proprietary formatting	rules.

       This module was designed	to implement a fast parser for RFC 2253
       distinguished names. It was designed to output RFC 2253 compliant and
       OpenSSL formatted DNs. Additionally you can get the parsed RDNs and the
       attributes in a hash (e.g. if you are looking for the organizational
       hierarchy via OUs).

       Please note that	OpenSSL	formatted DNs can not be parsed	unambigously.
       This is because '/' is a	perfectly valid	character within an RDN	but is
       used to separate	them as	well. Avoid getting OpenSSL DNs	from OpenSSL
       or other	applications whenever possible,	as this	parsing	problem	might
       lead to security	issues.

       The 'new' constructor expects a RFC 2253	or OpenSSL DN as its only
       argument. The type of the DN will be detected from the first character.
       OpenSSL's DNs always begin with a leading slash "/".

       The return value	is an object reference to the used instance of

       This is a static	function which requires	an OpenSSL DN as argument. It
       returns a proper	RFC 2253 DN. It	is used	by the 'new' constructor to
       convert OpenSSL DNs but you can use it also if you don't	need a full
       parser (which is	slower).

Output Functions
       returns a three-dimensional array. The first level is the number	of the
       RDN, the	second level is	the number of the attribute and	third level
       contains	at [0] the name	of the attribute and at	[1] the	value of the

       returns a two-dimensional array.	The first level	is the number of the
       RDN, the	second level is	the number of the attribute.  The value	is the
       attribute name and value	concatenated with an equal sign	"=".

       returns an array. The array values are completely prepared strings of
       the RDNs. This works for	multi-valued RDNs too.

       returns the RFC 2253 DN.

       returns the RFC 2253 DN in reversed order. Something like X.500 style.

       returns the DN in OpenSSL's proprietary oneline format.

       returns a hash which contains the attribute names as keys. The value of
       each hashentry is an array with the values inside which were found in
       the DN.

       is a static function which returns all supported	attribute names	as a
       normal array. It	is not relevant	how you	call this function.

perl v5.32.0			  2020-08-29		       OpenXPKI::DN(3)

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