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OpenXPKI::Crypto::TokeUseraContributed Perl DOpenXPKI::Crypto::TokenManager(3)


       This modules manages all	cryptographic tokens. You can use it to	simply
       get tokens and to manage	the state of a token.

       If you want to use an explicit temporary	directory then you must
       specifiy	this directory in the variable TMPDIR.

       Initialize all secrets configured for current realm

   __load_secret( {GROUP} )
       Initialize the secret for the requested group

   __set_secret_from_cache ()
       Load all	secrets	in the current realm from the cache

       List type and name of all secret	groups in the current realm

       Reload the secrets for all realms.

       FIXME: I	think this is unnecessary or put in the	wrong place (server
       init).  See #333

   is_secret_group_complete( group )
       Check if	the secret group is complete (all passwords loaded)

   get_secret( group )
       Get the plaintext value of the stored secret. This requires that	the
       secret was created with the "export" flag set, otherwise	an exception
       is thrown. Returns undef	if the secret is not complete.

   set_secret_group_part( { GROUP, VALUE, PART } )
       Set the secret value of the given group,	for plain secrets ommit	PART.

   clear_secret_group( group )
       Purge the secret	for the	given group.

   get_token( {	TYPE, NAME, CERTIFICATE	} )
       Get a crypto token to execute commands for the current realm

	   Determines the used API, one	of the values given in
	   system.crypto.tokenapi (certsign, crlsign, datasafe....)

	   The name of the token to initialize,	for versioned tokens including
	   the generation identifier, e.g. server-ca-2.

	   A hashref as	returned by API::Token::get_certificate_for_alias.
	   Can be omitted, if the API can resolve the given name.

   get_system_token( { TYPE } )
       Get a crypto token from the system namespace. This includes all non-
       realm dependend tokens which dont have key material attached.

       The tokens are defined in the system.crypto.token namespace.  Common
       tokens are default and javaks.  You neeed to specify at least "api" and
       "backend" for all tokens.

perl v5.32.0			  2020-08-29 OpenXPKI::Crypto::TokenManager(3)

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