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OpenXPKI::Crypto::ProfUser:Contributed Perl OpenXPKI::Crypto::Profile::Base(3)

       OpenXPKI::Crypto::Profile::Base - base class for	cryptographic profiles
       for certificates	and CRLs.

       Base class for profiles used in the CA.

       Load data from the extensions section

       o   PROFILE (certificates only)

	   Name	of the profile to get the extension from.

       o   CA (crl only)

	   Name	of the CA to get the extension from.

       o   EXT

	   Name	of the extension to load.

       Helper method to	parse profile items through template toolkit.  Expects
       an array	of strings containing one TT Template per line.	 Available
       variables for substitution are

       ISSUER.x	Hash with the subject parts of the issuing certificate.
	   Note	that each key is an array itself, even if there	is only	a
	   single value	in it.	Therefore you need to write e.g. ISSUER.OU.0
	   for the (first) OU entry. Its wise to do urlescaping	on the output,
	   e.g.	[- ISSUER.OU.0 | uri -].

	   The hash also has ISSUER.DN set with	the full dn.

       CAALIAS Hash holding information	about the used ca token.
	   Offers the keys ALIAS, GROUP, GENERATION as given in	the alias

perl v5.24.1			  2017-07-03OpenXPKI::Crypto::Profile::Base(3)

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