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OpenXPKI::Crypto::CSR(User Contributed Perl DocumentatOpenXPKI::Crypto::CSR(3)


       This is the module for managing CSRs. You can use this module to	parse
       and convert CSRs. If you	are missing some functions here	please check
       OpenXPKI::Crypto::Object. OpenXPKI::Crypto::Object inherits from
       OpenXPKI::Crypto::Object	several	functions.

       The constructor supports	three options -	DATA, FORMAT and TOKEN.
       FORMAT is optional but can be specified.	It can be set to PKCS10	or
       SPKAC. If the FORMAT is missing then the	module tries to	determine the
       type of the request from	DATA with some REGEX. DATA is a	the CSR.
       Please note that	even PKCS#10 requests are only supported in PEM
       format.	TOKEN is a token from the token	manager
       (OpenXPKI::TokenManager).  The token is needed to parse the requests.

       returns the serial of the CSR. The serial will be extracted from	the

       The functions supports three formats - PEM, DER and TXT.	All other
       formats create errors (or better	exceptions). The CSR will be returned
       in the specified	format on success. This	functionality is only
       supported for PKCS#10 requests. If you try this with a SPKAC request
       then an exception will occur.

       returns an array	with all available email addresses. Pleae note that
       this include PKCS#9 emailAddress, rfc822Mailbox and the subject
       alternative name	email extensions.

       returns a hash reference	with all parsed	informations. Please note that
       this function makes a deep copy of the parsed information to protect
       the object. This	costs time. So please only do this if you really need

perl v5.24.1			  2017-07-03	      OpenXPKI::Crypto::CSR(3)

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