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OpenXPKI::Crypto::CRL(User Contributed Perl DocumentatOpenXPKI::Crypto::CRL(3)


       This is the module for managing CRLs. You can use this module to	parse
       and convert CRLs. If you	are missing some functions here	please check
       OpenXPKI::Crypto::Object. OpenXPKI::Crypto::Object inherits from
       OpenXPKI::Crypto::Object	several	functions.

       The constructor requires	two parameters - DATA and TOKEN.  DATA is a
       PEM encoded CRL.	TOKEN is a token from the token	manager
       (OpenXPKI::TokenManager). The token is needed to	parse the CRL.

       You can optionally pass EXTENSIONS and REVOKED as boolean flags.
       EXTENSIONS parses the extension section and looks for the Authority Key
       Identifier. REVOKED reads the list of revoked certificates from the CRL
       and adds	it to the return structure.

       returns the serial of the CRL. If there is no serial in the CRL,	undef
       will be returned.

       The functions supports three formats - PEM, DER and TXT.	All other
       formats create errors (or better	exceptions). The CRL will be returned
       in the specified	format on success.

       Converts	the CRL	into a hash that can (with a few additions) be
       inserted	in to a	database using $dbi->insert()

perl v5.24.1			  2017-07-03	      OpenXPKI::Crypto::CRL(3)

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